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The Ultimate Triads Guitar Teaching Posters

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Teach anyone to play the triads by referencing the poster or improvise on your own teaching style while using this poster to help connect the dots. Set your school apart by providing awesome reference posters to all of your students! 

This poster was designed to help guitarists of all levels to visualize and expand their knowledge of triads so they can play more creatively, using the whole fretboard. 

Guitar triads are usually the first types of chords you learn how to play on the guitar. C, G, Dm, and Am are all triads that guitarists learn within the first few days of picking up the instrument. Learning open position chords are very important, but the mistake guitarists make too often is to end their study of triads too early, leaving them with only a few open chord to play. By expanding beyond open chords and learning triads, you open up the entire fretboard and expand your 
vocabulary for both rhythm and lead guitar playing.

  • 10 Large 24” x 36” glossy posters
  • Major and minor triads mapped out 
  • EAD, ADG, DGB and GBE string triads
  • Root position, 1st and 2nd inversion triads
  • Triad illustrations up and down the neck of the guitar
  • Triad illustrations across the neck of the guitar
  • A great gift for beginner guitar players or singer-songwriters
  • Includes 10 FREE glow-in-the-dark guitar picks
  • Designed, printed, and packaged in the U.S.A.

Warning: Prolonged use of this guitar poster will lead to loss of sleep and cosmic bursts of creativity. Most guitar players experience positive side effects, but individual results may vary. Practice your guitar in moderation for best results.