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Our Company


We are a publishing company focused on creating engaging musical and educational products to assist musicians of all ages and learning capabilities.

The designs of our unique products make it easy to learn, play, and even teach music on your favorite instruments, including the Guitar, Ukulele, and Bass. Our products offer an exciting learning experience for beginners and intermediate level players, and serve as a great resource to help brush up on music theory and creativity for more advanced professionals.


It all started many years ago, with the idea that creating visually intuitive posters will simplify the entire learning process for guitar players. Thus, making their journey more enjoyable, and ultimately giving them an easier and more defined approach. As a self-taught guitarist since a very young age, Allan felt a special connection to guitars, and it was a life-changing outlet for him during the tough times in his childhood. The guitar allowed him to channel his emotions into his music and feed his soul with musical goodness. Since then, he has become extremely motivated to help others learn in the best ways possible.


Best Music Stuff has the best selection of educational products for Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele. However, we do not want to stop there, and as our company grows, we are expanding into other instruments like Drums, Piano, Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, and Violin.

We are conveniently located in Central New Jersey, and we’re currently looking for international distributors to help us reach more people and schools all around the world. We are also currently looking to expand into more retail stores in the U.S.