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Unlock Your Guitar Super Powers Book (11 Chapters) • Printable PDF

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The Ultimate Guitar Method For Players of All Levels

This book is not intended to be purchased alone unless you already own The Creative Guitar Poster. If you don't already own it, we recommend you buy this poster that includes this instructional book as part of the product.

This 36 page book is filled with the basic information necessary to begin playing guitar as well as some exercises and outside the box ideas that more advanced players will appreciate, like the circle of fifths for songwriting, and key recognition, and more. Ultimately the poster contains all of the raw material you’ll need to learn the guitar. This book is a fun, creative and exciting way to start seeing and learning in a whole new way.

Most chapters ends with a practical left brain and a creative right brain assignment to get you focused, thinking, improving your facility, increasing your knowledge and creating new music of your own. Then there’s left brain and right brain tests to make sure you really got it.

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