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The Ultimate Audio Frequency Spectrum Poster


This one packs a fist full of color on any wall that calls for it! It's awesomely unique design makes it a powerful learning tool for all studio musicians, sound engineers, producers, and as a decorative piece for musicians of all kinds.

It's a nicely designed quick reference poster that contains audio frequency ranges for 16 instruments which is most of the information you’ll need to learn the basics, all in one place. It provides an amazing source of inspiration for all levels of sound engineers too. The poster serves as a powerful musical supplement for producers, composers, band leaders, or just about anyone with an interest in playing or teaching any instrument. It makes a great gifting choice for any budding or experienced child musician as well!

The Poster Features

  • Large 24” x 36” glossy poster
  • Easy to read, large print and bold graphics
  • 16 Instruments with Featured Sound Frequencies Range Ideas for each
  • Instruments are neatly grouped in 11 colorful column to easily compare 
  • Ranges are from 20 Hz to 20,000 kHz
  • Caution row to help sound engineers avoid bad sounding output
  • 7 Groups of Creative Ideas for the Major 7 Regions
  • Amazing and thoughtful gifts for all musicians and artists
  • Includes 1 FREE glow-in-the-dark guitar pick
  • Designed, printed, and packaged in the U.S.A.

Warning: Prolonged use of this creative audio poster will lead to loss of sleep and cosmic bursts of creativity. Most user experience positive side effects, but individual results may vary. Practice your music in moderation for best results.