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Small Creative Guitar Poster (Dry-Erase)

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This 24″ x 36″ one-of-a-kind dry-erase poster is an incredibly powerful reference tool for guitar players, teachers, and songwriters. It provides a new and creative learning approach for guitarists of all levels from beginners to advanced players, instructors, arrangers, band leaders, and anyone with an interest in playing and understanding the principles of how the guitar works.

This dry-erase poster is printed on durable (250 gram) paper stock and coated on the front with a dry-erase finish that won’t fade or become dull over time. Each dry-erase poster comes with 2 dry-erase markers and 2 mounting clips with adhesive strip so you’re markers will always be within reach.

The Creative Guitar Poster Features

  • Large and easy-to-read dry-erase 24” x 36” creative poster
  • Information all in one place makes it easier than ever to learn
  • Chords grouped side-by-side for convenience
  • Essential major and minor guitar scales with intervals
  • Displays 49 open chords and 96 movable chords 
  • Circle of fifths, chord formulas, staff and TAB area
  • Perfect for private lessons, classrooms, and, group lessons
  • Includes 2 dry-erase markers and 1 guitar pick
  • Designed and packaged in the U.S.A.

Warning: Prolonged use of this guitar poster will lead to loss of sleep and cosmic bursts of creativity. Most guitarists experience positive side effects, but individual results may vary. Practice your guitar in moderation for best results.

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