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Small Bass Scales Cheatsheet


Keep learning on the go with these amazing pocket-sized reference cards which are the handy way of keeping note of your Bass Scales at all times. The tiny size makes them perfect for slipping into your pocket or gig bag for safe keeping and makes traveling so easy. They’re are ideal for teachers who travels to their students or as a novelty gift item for any bassists in your family.

Cheatsheet Features

  • Laminated Card Stock, Fits in Your Pocket
  • I Major Scale (Ionian), ii Dorian Mode, iii Phrygian Mode, IV Lydian Mode, V Mixolydian Mode, vi Natural Minor (Aeolian), vii Locrian Mode
  • 7 Church Modes, Harmonic Minor Scale, Melodic Minor (Jazz Minor), Major Pentatonic Scale
  • Minor Pentatonic Scale, Major Blues Scale, Minor Blues Scale, Advanced Bass Scales
  • Laminated to protect against the elements
  • Amazing and thoughtful gifts for serious or beginner bass players 
  • Designed, printed, and packaged in the U.S.A.

Warning: Prolonged use of this bass scales cheatsheet will lead to loss of sleep and cosmic bursts of creativity. Most bassists experience positive side effects, but individual results may vary. Practice your bass in moderation for best results.

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