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We are publishers of music education posters for Guitar and Ukulele.

The unique design of our posters make it easy to learn and play music on your favorite instruments. Our products are the best learning resource for beginners and a great reference material for experienced players. 


It all started with the idea to create visually intuitive posters that simplified the learning process for guitar players. As a self taught guitarist since a very young age, Allan felt a special connection to guitars and it was a life-saving outlet for him during tough times in his childhood. Since then, he became very motivated to help others learn. 

After purchasing dozens of books and watching an infinite number of youtube lessons, Allan struggled to connect the dots in everything he was learning. That is when the Creative Guitar Poster was born. Finally, he had a chance to map out all important aspects of the guitar in a single place and it helped him understand the basic concepts of music theory.

You can watch all the online videos you want and read books and magazines, but make sure to have one central place to map out your ideas at the end of the day. That’s where our products come in!


Best Music Stuff has the best educational posters for Guitar and Ukulele. However, we do not want to stop there. As our company grows, we are looking to expand into other instruments like Piano, Drums, and Bass.

We are conveniently located between New York and Philadelphia and we’re currently looking for international distributors to help us reach more people and schools. We also look to expand to retailers in the U.S. The more exposure our company has will result in more educated, less stressed discouraged musicians. Just imagine a future with better pop music where actual instruments are still being played!